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Adelphia Gateway LLC will repurpose existing infrastructure to provide consumers in southeastern Pennsylvania with additional access to affordable, locally produced natural gas. The project will convert 50 miles of an existing 84-mile pipeline in eastern Pennsylvania from oil to natural gas. Adelphia Gateway is a subsidiary of New Jersey Resources​ (NYSE: NJR), a Fortune 1000 company that provides safe and reliable natural gas and clean energy services, including transportation, distribution, asset management and home services. For more information, Contact us or follow us on Twitter @AdelphiaGateway.

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The Adelphia Gateway project will convert the remaining 50 miles of an existing 84-mile pipeline in southeastern Pennsylvania from oil to natural gas. The northern 34 miles of the pipeline — extending from western Bucks County to Martins Creek Terminal in Northampton County — was converted to deliver natural gas in 1996. Since existing infrastructure is being used, there will be limited construction and minimal environmental impacts.

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Economic Benefit

For homes and small businesses to large pharmaceuticals, manufacturing industries, natural gas fired power generation and cargo terminals along the Delaware Valley, energy constraints have led to higher energy costs while stifling economic growth.

Adelphia Gateway and the increased infrastructure functionality it offers will introduce new, competitively priced, clean burning natural gas supply to meet existing and growing demand in the Greater Philadelphia area. This investment to expand the transport of essential chemical components for everyday products will help attract new manufacturers and natural gas users to the region.

The repurposing of existing infrastructure by Adelphia Gateway signals a commitment to make the Greater Philadelphia region a globally recognized 21st century energy hub. By developing an existing infrastructure, Adelphia Gateway increases the availability of competitively-priced regionally produced natural gas. Homeowners will realize lower energy bills. Businesses become more competitive. And new industries are attracted to the region, driving job growth and economic strength.

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