Right-of-Way Information

locating and identifying

You can see where Adelphia Gateway LLC’s pipeline runs through your community by locating and identifying the
pipeline marker signs at road crossings and other locations along the pipeline.

The pipeline route generally follows a long, narrow stretch of land, called a right-of-way, which designates a safe and clear corridor for the pipeline. Our pipeline right-of-way is generally 30 to 50 feet in width, and in certain areas it parallels other pipelines and electric transmission lines. This right-of-way enables our workers to gain access for inspection, maintenance, testing or emergencies. There are restrictions within the pipeline right-of-way that prohibit certain activities, permanent structures and trees.

adelphia gateway land stretch - Right-of-Way Information

Please refer to our Right-of-Way Requirements and Construction Activities Guidelines for more details.

pipeline markers

Pipeline rights-of-way are required to be labeled with permanent markers that display the operator or company name, the product transported and the pipeline operator’s 24-hour emergency phone number. Click here to see examples of various types of pipeline markers on the Pipeline Hazardous Materials and Safety Administration website. The telephone number on these markers is for your use if an emergency is suspected or discovered.

These markers identify the approximate location of the underground pipeline and are located at road crossings, railroad crossings and wherever necessary to identify the pipeline right-of-way. Pipeline markers do not indicate the exact location or depth of the pipeline. Please call 811 to have a company representative accurately locate our pipeline before excavating on your property. When any construction activity is conducted in or around our pipeline right-of-way, Adelphia Gateway LLC’s on-site representative must be present at all times. Excavation operations shall be performed in accordance with Pennsylvania One Call utility locating system requirements. As a matter of law, anyone undertaking excavation work is required to call three (3) working days before excavating.

adelphia gateway marker - Right-of-Way Information
adelphia gateway orange pipe - Right-of-Way Information

safely operated, patrolled and maintained

The right-of-way must always be kept clear to allow the pipeline to be safely operated, aerially patrolled and maintained. We are responsible for maintaining the right-of-way to protect the public, the environment and our pipeline. Any encroachment hinders our ability to inspect and maintain the right-of-way.

What Can Be on the Pipeline Right-of-Way?

  • Lawns, flowers, gardens, low shrubbery
  • Private driveways may cross rights-of-way
  • Agricultural crops
  • Utility lines such as electric, telephone, cable and water may cross rights-of-way

What Cannot Be on the Pipeline Right-of-Way?

  • Trees
  • Decks, patios, sheds, swimming pools, swing sets, tennis courts, walls or other structures
  • Septic tanks, drain fields, wells