Project Updates

Adelphia Gateway, LLC. has received all notices and approvals to proceed and is moving forward to bring needed natural gas resources to the Greater Philadelphia Area.


The Adelphia Gateway project will provide southeastern Pennsylvania homes and businesses access to abundant,
low-cost domestic natural gas. Adelphia Gateway will use existing infrastructure to transport natural gas to the greater Philadelphia market. The fully converted 84-mile pipeline will transport enough natural gas to meet the needs
of more than 250,000 mid-Atlantic households each year.

Miles of Fully Converted Pipeline

Households Served Every Year

Years of Providing Natural Gas

Project Information

Adelphia Gateway will repurpose existing infrastructure to transport natural gas from Northampton County to Delaware County.

Economic Benefit

Adelphia Gateway will bring a low-cost, domestic energy resource to southeastern Pennsylvania, fueling economic growth and job creation.

Environment & Safety

Pipelines are the safest means of transporting natural gas, according to national statistics, and have minimal environmental impact.


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